Tip Share - Glitter with a purpose ❤️

Each batch is a limited edition, they are numbered, and no two will ever be the same.  When they sell out a new limited edition mix will be hand blended, so while you can, buy one to use and one for your collection!  Sold by volume, in 60ml shakers. 

$1.00 from EVERY shaker sold will go to the “TIP SHARE” fund, and will be used to give a server or service person an extra large tip.
I kick off each round with $100 of my own money, and we build from there.

There is also a Tip Share Venmo account (@Tip-Share) if you’d like if to donate a few dollars here and there, we can do a so much more good as a group than alone.  🥰

Each time we reach a total of $500 we vote as a group where we should leave the tip, then I go live to share it with all of your beautiful souls who helped make this happen!